Walbro GRJ420P In-Tank 255LPH Fuel Pump Assembly for C5 Corvette

Walbro GRJ420P In-Tank 255LPH Fuel Pump Assembly for C5 Corvette

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Fuel Pump Type: Electric In-tank

Fuel Pump Voltage: 12 V

Flow Rate: 67 gph/255 lph

Fuel Pressure (psi): 58 psi

Notes: Includes pump, strainer, clamp and flex hose.

Walbro electric in-tank fuel pumps are available in a variety of flow ratings, including pumps that flow significantly more fuel at higher pressure. The outside dimensions, however, of many pumps are compact enough to fit existing hanger assemblies, without modification. All pumping components have been validated to OEM specifications for use in E85/flex fuel applications.

Most Walbro in-tank fuel pumps utilize a proven gerotor design. Some high-performance models, including those designed for engines with more than 750 hp, feature a dual-channel turbine design for maximum efficiency in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. The blades feed two high-pressure pumping channels, as opposed to a conventional single-stage pump that uses an impeller with a single row of blades at its outer edge. This innovative design results in improved hot fuel flow, as well as minimal noise and current use, resulting in efficiency that's higher than conventional pumps. Some pumps require modifications to system wiring, fuel lines, and the fuel module, and should be professionally installed.